With such a reliance on your access to the internet, it is important that your partner with an experienced and responsive provider for your ongoing retail business needs. As a retail business, you can rely on our fully monitored, flexible and managed internet access and connectivity services to run your business critical applications, giving you the flexibility and up-time that you need to succeed.


Fiber Optic Connection: It allows greater Bandwidth. Copper cables were originally designed for voice transmission also have a limited bandwidth. Whereas, fiber optic cables has a core which uses light to transmit Data. Hence it commits faster speed, longer distance and better reliability.

GPON Connectivity: Less physical equipment with reduced reliance on and cost of physical equipment in the fiber distribution network. It also reduces the maintenance requirements. It delivers more bandwidth more efficiently with easier network management.

Highest Uptime: Jadoo ensures you the highest uptime possible for you, which commits hassle free net surfing, uninterrupted entertainment and work.

Retail Packages